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Vanoise, pronounced with your best French accent as 'Vanwaz', or in Franglais, 'Vanwaars', is a mountain range (massif), located in the French alpine department of the Savoie, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

Initially, the Massif de la Vanoise was situated just south of the Col de la Vanoise, however now it is seen as the entire area found between two valleys; Tarentaise (Isère) to the north and Maurienne (Arc) to the south, with the l'Aiguille de la Vanoise seen as the centre point between the two.

Reaching a height of 3,885m at the summit of Grande Casse, Massif de la Vanoise is the third highest mountain range in France after both the Mont Blanc and Écrins mountain ranges respectively.

In 1963, the Vanoise National Park, or Parc national de la Vanoise as it's known to the locals, became the first national park to be founded in France. Due to a declining number of Ibex (Bouqetin), local authorities were forced to team up with the Gran Paradiso National Park (Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso), found just over the border in Italy. Together, with a combined area of over 1250km², the Gran Paradiso and the Vanoise parks make up the largest alpine national park area in the world.