Your Vehicle

Safety first.

Our Grandma Audrey drives a cherry red Volkswagen Polo from 2006, which comes with privacy glass, ABS and a CD player as standard.
Theo (short for Theodora; the most influential and powerful Byzantine empress) our elegant, navy blue, Volkswagen Caravelle Comfortline, celebrated her third birthday on the 3rd December 2018. In the day and age where our cars are designed with your safety in mind, it is unnecessary for us to clutch at straws and tell you about all the fancy features that in fact come as standard.

  • We carry snow chains and we know how to use them

  • We fit the highest quality snow tyres to our vehicles every winter (for all you tyre geeks out there, Nokian Hakkapeliitta C3s)

  • We provide baby, child and booster seats at no extra cost

  • We are professionally qualified and trained to drive in varying conditions; day and night, empty or fully loaded

  • We have first hand experience driving in arduous alpine conditions

Your journey through the French Alps is not just about arriving at your destination, it is an opportunity to see one of the most beautiful corners of France. For some, tackling a snowy road is a nightmare, for others it's a dream. We are those others.

If you are confused as to why you have not yet seen a picture of a van, here she is!